Welcome to the House of THEBaratusII!

Here on my personal website, I cover various topics relating to vintage technology and games, along with some other interesting or personal topics. On top of that, I also host some media, like my user content, screenshots, and, at times, some really low-quality videos.

Who am I?

Let me give you a brief summary. My name is Bryan, but most of the time you can refer to me as Baratus (buh-RA-tuhs). I am a content creator and a hobbyist at best. What content do I create? Most of the time, I cover topics mostly about vintage technology and older computer games that I have either played since childhood or just happened to find out about while searching around the internet.

My other hobbies, aside from content creation, consist of drawing art every once in a while, making levels for various PC games, tinkering with old computers, and the like. I am also a metalhead, but not the kind that stays specific to a certain subgenre. I like the song if it sounds good to me. From time to time, I listen to electronic, eurodance, italodance, etc.

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