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Who is Akage Megane?

Akage Megane is my original character and VTuber persona. She made her VTuber debut on April 8th, 2022, quietly replacing the ‘jank’ 3D Dakki model from late 2021. The creation of Akage Megane started when a friend of mine at the time was showing off his VTuber model made in VRoid Studio. Beforehand, I received advice from a friend of mine from another community about making an OC several months prior.

Development History

Making her in VRoid Studio pre-debut took about a day or two. Following her debut, the model underwent more changes to make it more than just a generic, effortless VRoid character. You see, VRoid Studio had a reputation for allowing people to effortlessly and lazily create generic characters, and I wanted to work on it more as I learned about VRoid Studio and how it works.

When Akage debuted, she had no name. While she was internally named “BaratusIIChan,” I felt like it wouldn’t go anywhere. So, while I had to come up with a proper name, I slapped on a generic one: “Redhead with Glasses.”

Her name was eventually settled on May 22, 2022, after experimenting with translators. For those who don’t know, Akage means “Redhead,” while Megane means “Glasses” in Japanese.

During the time between June 2022 and October 2023, her appearance underwent more changes. Her midriff-baring crop top became shinier, and she started wearing black tights with legwear instead of pants. Not only that, but her figure was touched up using both VRoid and Blender, allowing her to have a more “fit female” look, including a bigger bust and a curvier butt (since VRoid doesn’t have a butt parameter). The final touches to her core design were made on October 1st, 2023, when she got new lipstick.


Akage Megane has red hair tied up in a ponytail, and her eye color is blue. She wears glasses due to blurry vision, which also adds to her nerdy computer girl look.

Her common attire includes a black midriff-baring crop top with puffy sleeves, paired with black tights and black legwear. The crop top also features the Nali symbol, which she discovered from a tech demo of Unreal on the internet.

From time to time, she would go without her ponytail (this was shown back in September 2023), and she would have more variants ranging from red/blue color crop tops to wearing a cowprint crop top and panties.

She has an unknown condition, which is why it always looks like she is blushing.

Akage Megane Lore & Personality

Akage Megane was born and raised on an unknown planet where LAN parties became a fun tradition. But one day, internet access became commonplace, and she was able to gain access to the internet, allowing her to contact not only those on her home planet but also those on planet Earth.

And thus, Akage became inspired to share her love for vintage computers and games around the world, while also posting her photoshoots in various places.

Akage also likes to joke around about her breasts, to the point where she took an in-joke and modified it to say "give 5 money 4 booba," and she doesn't feel ashamed to jiggle her breasts whenever she feels like it. Akage is also a fanatic of the Unreal franchise, hence the Nali symbol from the December 1995 tech demo being shown on her crop top.

Akage is also a metalhead, and her favorite band is Mechina; however, she also enjoys listening to a variety of genres from time to time, as long as they sound good.

Check out her gallery.