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Who is THEBaratusII?

People either refer to me simply as Baratus (buh-RA-tuhs) or refer to me under my first name "Bryan". My interests consists of tinkering with technology both old and new. I am also into retro gaming since childhood as well.

As for music tastes, I am mostly a metalhead but I also listen to electronic, eurodance, etc. I also occasionally draw art when I'm bored but I'm not too sure if it's something I would pursue. Aside from my hobbies, I even run a YouTube channel and administrate the DOSBox Deathmatch Club Discord server.

Meanwhile on my YouTube channel, I am also a Babiniku VTuber as Akage Megane. She debuted on April 8, 2022 after ditching the whole Dakki VTuber phase, likely for the better.

Aside from my interest in computers, games, and various music genres, I also have interest in watching professional wrestling which was a thing since I was a kid.