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[Chocolate and Vanilla Deathmatch] (1.89MB)
This WAD discontinued and is available for historical-purposes.

[TWANGO1] (2.18MB)
I playtested this WAD on a event, It's currently on /idgames

[Stoneshade] [1.0] (299KB)
A deathmatch map I made while I was learning what makes a good deathmatch map. Enjoy!

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 - Doom Sound WADs

[Chad Warden Doom] (1.88MB)
Not the actual one that was used to make that one DEMO3 video back in 2018, but it isn't that hard to recreate it.

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 - Game Patches/Packages

[Unreal Gold - 226 Multiplayer Patch] (28.6MB)
This mainly fixes the UnrealI.u & UnrealShare.u mismatch errors when connecting to servers. *dgvoodoo2 included*

[Rise of the Triad - ROTTIPX.EXE Dupe Packets Patch] (25KB)
This is a modified ROTTIPX.EXE file. That changes the ticstep to 2 (Same value used for modem/serial games) Making the game use less latency at a cost of framerate (35FPS to 17.5FPS)

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