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You have arrived at the Vampire Engine Workshop website! A place mainly for modding MageSlayer and Take No Prisoners. Both which are powered by Raven Software's Vampire Engine. Not only this site aims to preserve and document the modding, but the games overall.

This engine was being developed by Raven Software during the mid-90s, debuting with the release of Necrodome on October 1996.

Two more games using the Vampire Engine would release in 1997, MageSlayer would release on September 24, 1997 and Take No Prisoners around a month later (October 14, 1997)

Some editing tools would be released by James Monroe on October 28, 1997 but was easily buried and forgotten due to the game's obscurity. About 26 years later, the tools (and the source codes for it) along with some interesting information was rediscovered using the Wayback Machine and shared on Doomworld Forums.

Although it does involve using an ancient 3D modelling tool. (The levels were made using Kinetix 3D Studio MAX 1.2 and a plugin to export for further compiling)

Who knows? Maybe one day, somebody will take the time to write a export plugin for modern editing tools like Blender or even converters for more well-documented formats like the Quake .MAP format.




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