Welcome to the unofficial Classic Gaming Arena webpage!

For those who don't know, Classic Gaming Arena (CGA) is a room-based matchmaking program developed by Joe Petrie (CodeJunkie). While originally a web-based service, it was later redesigned as a desktop program for the Windows platform.

Classic Gaming Arena primarily targets IPX MS-DOS multiplayer games via DOSBox-Staging while focusing on alleviating the hassles of setting up a game. (Reminisant of services like TEN/MPlayer.com/HEAT.NET/Kali etc)

CGA also provides dedicated server software for those interested. While it is currently designed for Windows, a version for Mac OS and Linux is planned.

What to expect from Classic Gaming Arena?

You can play over 150 supported multiplayer games, ranging from more popular titles to cult classics of the past. All you need is the game itself, either from a retail copy, an abandonware site, or even from Steam/Good Old Games, provided that it's still being sold. Classic Gaming Arena also supplies and automates community fixes for a better quality of life experience. For example, with Doom, it automates the use of novert (disables vertical mouse movement) or streamlines the process of enabling Autorun without opening a text editor. CGA also provides the ability to upload/download modifications like custom levels or total conversions for a selection of games.

Additionally, CGA includes audio chat powered by TeamSpeak for those interested; however, Discord is mostly used, but the option is there for those who may need it.

Now given the tricky nature of finding players, I recommend checking out the DOSBox Deathmatch Club Discord server to find players interested. We also run game events on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm CST/9pm EST as well.

Getting CGA

CGA currently has two versions and another one currently in the works.

The regular version of CGA is meant for OSes from Windows Vista and onward, supplied with DOSBox-Staging.
However for those running on Windows 2000/XP/Vista, DOSBoxSVN-lfn is supplied instead. However Legacy Update for updating is highly recommended for best results.

A version for Windows 95/98/Me allowing real hardware users to play IPX multiplayer games is currently in the works and playtesting is expected to happen in the future. However some features will either be limited or won't be present.

Download Classic Gaming Arena

Remember that these installers may be outdated at some point. However CGA has an auto-update feature so it makes it easier to mirror the installers either way.

*Windows 2000 version doesn't support Audio Chat*